Wuthering Heights Wednesday Week 6

May 12, 2010 Whitney read-along 12 Comments

Wuthering Heights Wednesday is all about the Wuthering Heights Read-along hosted by Jill at Fizzy Thoughts with each week we will read three chapters from the classic novel and then post our thoughts on, you guessed it –Wednesday!

Volume 2 Chapters 2-4
Ding dong the witch is dead… Sorry, that was uncalled for, but Cathy has finally kicked the bucket.  Cathy dies soon after giving birth, with one Cathrine leaving us and another one entering.  For reasons unknown this leaves the two loves of her life in deep mourning and continue life in a daze.

Hindley also dies supposedly in a drunken haze, although I smelled conspiracy.  Unfortunately, this leaves poor Hareton in the guardianship of Heathcliff.   This also kills off all the first generation of Earnshaws.

Isabella, now pregnant finally gets the nerve to runaway from her husband, hiding in London where she bears a son who is named Linton, after a happier time, little does he know that’s all the happiness he will receive.

Fast forward   twelve years and Isabella has died, leaving Edgar as Linton’s guardian.  When Uncle Edgar goes to collect his weak, sickly nephew,  Little Cathy, who is not so little anymore takes a walk through the moors to places that have been forbidden henceforth only to end up at Wuthering Heights.  There she meets the poor residence and mistakes her cousin Hareton as a servant.  Tragically, this acquaintance sets of a series of horrible events.

My Thoughts:
I’m beginning to question the IQ of those living in the moors, and have been hitting myself over the head with this book only because I cannot do it to the characters.  Don’t these people ever learn from their mistakes?   It would just seem too convenient for this story to end with everyone happy sitting down to a cup of tea.  No, I’m expecting 150 more pages of tragedy and mistrust.  Thank you Miss Bronte.


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12 responses to “Wuthering Heights Wednesday Week 6

  1. Lol. I remember getting to this part and thinking the same thing. WHY did they all insist on being miserable? Even with that said, I still kept reading, absolutely enthralled with this book where I pretty much hated every single character.

  2. Allie– I think having a strong dislike for all the major characters is the reason to keep reading. The reader dislikes, them but not enough to stop.

    Jessica– This isn't a very good sales pitch is it?

  3. Haha I love this post! Goes to show that even after all these years Miss Bronte still has us beating our heads over her book! 🙂 By the way, I have passed the award over to you too 🙂

  4. Must be the air on those moors – what ARE these people thinking? I had to laugh out loud at the beginning of your summary. I think you need a sense of humor to read this.

  5. Vaishnavi– Yes, I have a bump on my head from all the hitting! And thank you for the award.

    JoAnn– It's hard to have a sense of humor while reading Wuthering Heights, but once you put the book down and have time to digest it all seems rather silly.

    Felicia– "it rattles their brains" indeed! It's scary how much truth is in that. I always go into this book with low expectations so I don't think Emily Bronte will disappoint me either.

  6. i don't think there is any happy sitting down to tea ever in this book is there? every moment is in flux and change is coming soon to a theatre near you at all times. i love that and hate that all at the same time–i suspect that is the reaction e.b. was going for.

    'ding dong'? genius.

  7. I think Isabella drinks tea at one point before leaving Heathcliff, so she could have been happy…

    You're right e.b.'s intention was to keep our emotions in flux

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