Wuthering Heights Wednesday Week 11

June 16, 2010 Whitney read-along 11 Comments

Wuthering Heights Wednesday is all about the Wuthering Heights Read-along hosted by Jill at Fizzy Thoughts with each week we will read three chapters from the classic novel and then post our thoughts on, you guessed it –Wednesday!

Volume II Chapters 17-20
Heathcliff dies and Hareton and Cathy II fall in love and make merry music together.

My Thoughts:
I really liked this book, but thought it lacked something to be desired.  Yeah, Heathcliff dies but considering how he tortured those around him starving himself to death seemed like the easy way out.  As for Hareton and Cathy, I’m always surprised they “hooked up” especially after past behaviors.  I guess people tend to grow on you, and that there are  no other eligible bachelors left in the moors…

Although, I must say the last line in the novel is by far my favorite:

“And wondered how anyone could ever imagine unquiet slumbers for the sleepers in that quite earth.”

Also, I finished this book a while ago so here is my full review


11 responses to “Wuthering Heights Wednesday Week 11

  1. You know what I was surprised that Cathy and Hareton got together in the end as well. I felt like Hareton wasn't mentioned very much in the second half of the novel and then all of the sudden BAM! – he's with Cathy.

  2. I think you ended up liking this more than most of us. 🙂 I guess I just didn't buy the happily ever after, especially after all of that misery.

    Thanks for joining in! And you really should think about The Brothers Karamazov.:-D

  3. The happy ending has always bothered me a little bit. But I guess it was better than killing off everyone in the moors.

    I'll seriously consider The Brothers Karamazov, it just seems like such a daunting read.

  4. I felt the same way about Hareton….he just came back in the end.

    And I finished Brothers Karamazov a month or two ago and it was not as bad as I thought. I actually really enjoyed it!

  5. I guess maybe Hareton just wore her down. That or she ended up with Stockholm Syndrome and just gave up and went with it. As you can see, I definitely didn't like it as much as you. 😛

  6. Allie– Hareton just reappeared as if by magic. I'll check out your Brothers Karamazov review too.

    Carina–I'm thinking they grew on each other like mold. It just takes the right mind set to enjoy Wuthering Heights.

  7. I loved that last line… but the 'happy' ending seemed out of place. I liked the book and am glad to have read it, but can't see ever reading it again. The read-along experience was the best part for me!

  8. WH has never been that much of a favourite with me although it is so fantastically written. I like Jane Eyre much better. And I love the last line too 🙂

  9. JoAnn– no matter how many times I reread WH the happy ending doesn't sit well with me either. But in the big picture, it seems very minimal to me. Also, I enjoyed the read-along as well, everyone's take on it was so interesting.

    Vaishnavi– The Brontes all have an elegant way with words. As for the last line, I've always found it to be moving but eerie at the same time.

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