Thursday Tea: Pride and Prejudice

June 2, 2011 Whitney Thursday Tea 2 Comments

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I am a majorly HUGE addict when it comes to teas, hot or cold (beverage or weather) I usually have a mug of something near by and think drinking tea while reading is the perfect combo — they are both so soothing!  I’ve never been horribly adventurous with my drinking, normally something black, the one time I did branch out was with a Carmel/Vanilla flavored tea.  When I got it home it looked, smelled and tasted like tobacco (and I don’t even smoke)!  Needless to say it was a bit off-putting.  Anyway, onward to Thursday Tea.

The Book:
I just finished Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen my absolute favorite book.  I read it every single year and am still waiting for my Mr. Darcy to knock on the door.  Until then, nothing will tempt me.

The Tea:
I was drinking Taylors of Harrogate’s Yorkshire Tea this morning as I finished P&P.  I love this tea because it has a very smooth and clean taste to it.  I drink it with a little tea and a lot of milk and sugar.  It’s how my mom has made it for me since I was a kid.

The Assessment:
Pride and Prejudice is an English novel and the tea is English, so yes I think they compliment each other nicely.  Also, tea is served quite freely to Mrs. Bennet to ease her nerves while she rattles on about what she is momentarily vexed about.


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  1. Oh, how neat! I've never heard of Yorkshire tea before, but I assume it's something along the lines of an English Breakfast/Earl Grey?

    – Anastasia @ Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog

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