Sidebars Or Lack Thereof

July 21, 2014 Whitney Blogging 4 Comments

For Bloggiesta I mainly focused on the appearance of my blog.  I created a page for my archived posts and labels, fiddled with the background and added social icons to match.  I also created title banners for each of my gadgets on my sidebar.  I then realized I didn’t like them.  For some reason they looked messy and drew away from my post content.  I then looked at my sidebar itself, after moving previous posts to a separate page I only had a search bar, currently reading gadget and recent posts.  All of which I could do without. Then I read this article and decided to remove it completely and have She is too fond of books focus on my content, that is really what I want people to see, not to be distracted by my sidebar.  After reading the article I realized I had put everything I needed into a page.  I deleted the entirety of said sidebar except the social Media icons, I depleted my sidebar width (or at least as far as blogger would allow me) and extended the width of my blog.   I’m quite pleased with it and think it has a more streamline approach.  One thing I am annoyed with is the white borders around the pictures in my blog posts, does anyone know how to get rid of that?   Even though I had to backtrack a little, I’m satisfied with what I accomplished.  If you participated in Bloggiesta what did you accomplish?


4 responses to “Sidebars Or Lack Thereof

    • Thanks, it was strangely a little nerve wracking to hit "remove gadget" but I really like the cleaness of it thus far.

      I can only imagine how difficult it would be for you to give up your sidebar Michelle as there is a wealth of information on it. In the end you should do what makes you happy!

  1. Interesting. I clicked through to that article and it certainly makes you think. I hate all the labels in my sidebar. They go on forever. I take the point that people can use the search box to find things. Hmmm… food for thought.

    • The long list of labels on my sidebar and the crazy collapseable post archive prompted me to change. I understand the use of a searchbar too, but at the same time I have all my reviews organized into one neat page so I'm questioning the need for that too…

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