Readathon Conclusion

April 11, 2010 Whitney read-a-thon 9 Comments

Alright, I’ll admit it, I couldn’t stay up for the full 24 hours, going to bed at midnight.  My eyes were just getting sooo heavy and before I knew it, I was gone like the wind.

Readathon stats

Books Completed
0  Although I can smell the last few pages of GWTW

Books Read
Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
The Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

Pages Read
Gone with the Wind: 223
Wuthering Heights: 19
The Blue Fairy Book: 2% (kindle edition)
Total Pages: 242

Hours Read:
I am very bad about keeping track of time while reading but I think it was between 8 & 9 hours.

Mini-Challenges participated in:
And The Nominees Are…
Readathon Midway Point

Would I do it again?
Yes, I had so much fun, although while I have been known to read for long stretches of time this one really tested me.  I think the only thing I would do differently, would be to have one on-going post.  I think it would make my reading a little more organized and easier to keep track of.

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9 responses to “Readathon Conclusion

  1. Good job! I couldn't join in the fun this time, but maybe next time.

    Whitney, have you ever read Forever Amber? That was a book that I read long ago after Gone With the Wind, and I loved it as much as I loved GWTW!

  2. You did really well, I admit though I read for a couple of hours at a time sometimes but sitting there and really reading for 4 hours with only a few breaks really tested me. I think tonight I'm doing anything but reading!

  3. Good for you! I haven't exactly done a read-a-thon like this but I have stayed up an entire day in my sweats just gorging on some book. Usually a Nora Roberts book…

  4. Aaaah, Gone With the Wind, one of my favourites! I read Wuthering Heights this year too – I will be looking forward to reading your review of it. I had mixed feelings

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