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Prom and Prejudice by Elizabeth Eulberg is a delightful retelling of Jane Austen’s beloved Pride and Prejudice and I am lucky enough to have two copies for a giveaway!

Lizzie Bennet, who attends Longbourn Academy on scholarship, isn’t exactly interested in designer dresses and expensive shoes, but her best friend, Jane, might be—especially now that Charles Bingley is back from a semester in London. Lizzie is happy about her friend’s burgeoning romance, but less than impressed by Will Darcy, a pompous jerk who looks down on the middle class. So imagine Lizzie’s surprise when Will asks her to the prom! Will Lizzie’s pride and Will’s prejudice keep them apart? Or are they a prom couple in the making? From Elizabeth Eulberg comes a very funny, completely stylish prom season delight of Jane Austen proportions

Elizabeth Eulberg was born and raised in Wisconsin before making a career in the New York City book biz. She is also the author of The Lonely Hearts Club and lives outside of New York City. Learn more at
You  can also visit her Facebook Page here
Okay, so I’ve read the description, seen the trailer and learned a bit about the author, but how  do I win it?
  1. The contest runs from January 31 – February 7, 2011
  2. U.S. readers only
  3. 13+ years of age
  4. Leave your entry in the comment section and just for the fun of it, name one reason why you like P&P

13 responses to “Prom and Prejudice Giveaway

  1. Oooh, I would like to win! I think I love P&P because in reality it isn't a perfect, fairy tale love. They get mad at each other, they misunderstand each other, etc. But they are able to overcome their problems and fall in love, and I think THAT is how love really works.

  2. I already own a copy so please don't enter me into the contest, but I would like to answer why I love Pride and Prejudice…

    I love it because it has withstood the test of time, and it is still just as relevant today as the day it was published, and it continues to entrance new readers by it's universal story and awesome characters!


  3. I love PRIDE AND PREJUDICE because it's timeless— Jane Austen's words are just as true today as they were yesterday, the day before that, and the day she wrote them. And I love all the work she puts into character development. Gosh, if we don't all know a Mrs. Bennet, an Elizabeth, or a Mr. Darcy, we've been living under a rock. These characters are just like the people who live in our own realities, and I love how easy it is to connect with each (and all) of them in a personal way every time you read it.

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks for sharing with us!
    ~Deserae McGlothen

  4. I absolutely love P&P because not only is it a well written novel full of diverse characters & witty dialogue, the story illustrates that no one is perfect – everyone has flaws – but we are not defined by our flaws, they only enhance ourselves as individuals. First impressions aren't always correct, and it is only with an open mind and all of the information can someone make an educated decision as to the make up of someone's character.

    Besides — who doesn't love Darcy in all of his incarnations? 🙂

    Excellent question!!!

  5. I love Pride and Prejudice because even though it was written over a hundred years ago, it has so much to appeal to the modern reader. Elizabeth Bennett is an amazing female character; she's feisty, opinionated, funny, brilliant, and far ahead of her time. I do love Darcy, but I think I love Elizabeth even more.

  6. Please enter me!

    Pride and Prejudice is my all-time favorite book. I love the relationship between Lizzy and Darcy, especially because their love for each other makes them both better people. Darcy becomes less proud and haughty, and Lizzy learns not to make snap judgments about people.

    I also love the secondary characters, with all their quirks and failings: Mrs. Bennet, Mr. Collins, Mary Bennet…they're all fantastic!

  7. Meg

    Pride & Prejudice never gets old because of the family dynamics at work — and, of course, because of Elizabeth and Darcy's relationship. I love it for its romantic plot and hard look at family, especially Mrs. Bennet. Always a classic!

    Thanks for the chance!

    writing.meg [at]

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