Gone Classic

January 1, 2012 Whitney Blogging 6 Comments

I posted earlier my declaration for “going classic”  its the new year and it is now official, She Is Too Fond Of Books has gone classic!  Over the holidays I thought about the format or direction to take the blog, I thought about this long and hard because when I tried to transform before I crashed and burned as I stayed strictly to that genre and the confinement was itching.  This time it WILL  be different!

I’ve made the topic a little more flexible without  (I think) leaving the classic genre.
The blog will include:

  • Classic literature reviews (obviously)
  • Retellings of beloved classics
  • A meme on a current novel I read and put it on the stand to determine if it deserves to sit next to the likes of Pride and Prejudice and Oliver Twist. I was thinking of calling it “To Be Or Not To Be?” or is that too corny?

Of course I hope to include more than these three bullets in my blog but these will be the essentials.  Happy New Year Everyone!


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