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January 19, 2014 Whitney Event 8 Comments

Mini Winter Bloggiesta 2014
Mini Bloggiesta is coming this weekend and how excited am I!  With the new year comes a fresh set of eyes to scrutinize my blog.  It amazing each time this event comes around when I realize how much improvement I could do.  I’m sure my list will grow in the coming week but for now I would like to accomplish:
  1. Back-up blog 
  2. write reviews
  3. update reviews with book/publisher information
  4. join Book Blogging Community and make social icon for it


8 responses to “Mini Bloggiesta

  1. I have a badge for Book Blogs but I haven't signed on in ages. Maybe I should put removing it on my list, or else visiting it again to see what's happening there. Is that the one you're referring to, I wonder? I'll wait and see next weekend!

  2. I would say, "Hi, I'm new to the Blogosphere and Bloggiesta seemed like the perfect way to learn more. I think your goals are awesome and I hope you do well." but frankly, I just made an account on the "Book Blogging Community" after seeing it on your goals. So thank you, I guess, and all the standard info above too.

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