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April 4, 2017 Whitney movie review 2 Comments

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Me Before You is the cliché romance movie, boy and girl bicker, overcome conflict and fall in love. It has been done since Pride and Prejudice. Because of this, there wasn’t a plot-twist I didn’t see coming, and sat back to watch another predictable chick flick.

While the acting was good, Lou and Will came off as parodies. Lou is a quirky, bringing sunshine into the world and doesn’t care what people think of her bumblebee stockings was over the top and sadly unbelivable. Will, who does come out of his “the world is out to get me” attitude in the end just annoyed me. I liked the fact that he showed his caring side, but reminded me of Jess from Gilmore Girls who is only nice to Rory.

The plot was cute, but I was irked by the ending and Will’s decision to opt for assisted suicide. This is a topic that is very controversial, and personally feel that if a person is in that much pain they have the right to die with dignity. However, I did not receive that impression from Will Traynor. Pain was conveyed but unfortunately, I felt Will’s bigger problem was the fact that he felt sorry for himself; and as a person of partial paralysis felt he lacked to live boldly, a way of life he preached to Louisa Clarke throughout the film.

If one is looking for a schmaltzy tearjerker that you need look no further, but if you are searching for something with a little more substance I would suggest giving My Left Foot a try. Overall, Me Before You isn’t a bad movie it just wasn’t for me.



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    • I think enjoyment of the movie is really hit or miss. Although, if you were on the fence on the book it might be worth skipping. Despite my mixed review, I have a hold on the book via the library, I’m always curious how faithful the film was to the book. Thank you for commenting.

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