Mark Twain is like a Furby

December 2, 2010 Whitney books 5 Comments

That’s right, I’m comparing the great author Mark Twain to a Furby or a least in finding his autobiography.  In the 90s when Tamagotchis and Furbys were hot it was impossible to track one down for the holiday season, finding this anticipated biography is similar to that experience.

My mom, like most other people wanted it under the tree.  Amazon, nope a visit to Chicago proved to be another disappointment.  Then I got a brilliant idea, why don’t I try the Barnes and Noble 30 minutes from my house?  Ladies and Gentlemen we have ourselves a winner!

I was completely shell shocked, you’re sure it’s not on back order?  After countless rejections I was flabbergasted.  After getting a copy on hold, I proclaimed her Santa’s special helper.  It is absolutely humongous, closing in at 700+ pages and comes in a nice shiny wrapper so it’s pristine on Christmas day.  I am on such a natural high from finding it, I can’t wait to look through it myself.


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  1. The title of this post totally caught my eye LOL. I hadn't heard about this biography, but it makes me happy that it's so popular. Sometimes I fear that our society is losing its taste for classic lit. Congrats on tracking it down!

  2. Mark Twain is one of my favourites! I would love to read that! Your mom is going to get a lovely gift this Christmas. Do read it yourself and post your thoughts here 🙂

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