Book Review: A Long Fatal Love Chase

June 3, 2010 Whitney Review 10 Comments

Book Review: A Long Fatal Love ChaseA Long Fatal Love Chase by Louisa May Alcott
Published by Dell on December 2nd 1996
Genres: Classic
Pages: 356
Source: Library

"I'd gladly sell my soul to Satan for a year of freedom," cries Rosamond Vivian to her callous grandfather. A brooding stranger seduces her from the remote island onto his yacht. Trapped in a web of intrigue, cruelty, and deceit, she flees to Italy, France, Germany, from Paris garret to mental asylum, from convent to chateau - stalked by obsessed Phillip Tempest.

Two years before Little Women, serialized in a magazine under the alias A.M. Barnard in 1866, this was buried among the author's papers over a century.

Until one night when an unannounced stranger comes to Rosamond Vivian’s island, stealing her heart and whisking her away from her home. Rosamond and her now husband Philip Tempest, live a peaceful and happy first year until a mysterious lady appears at their doorstep divulging some unknown information about Phillip which turns Rosamond’s heart cold causing her to flee.

From here continues a cat and mouse chase with Phillip seeking her out giving no moments worth of peace. This may be horrible, but I am going to compare Miss Alcott’s work to Looney Tunes. Not that it is necessarily funny, but the two do remind me of Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny. Tempest stocking around “Be very, very quiet, we’re hunting Wabbits” Or Wosamond… And while Bugs Bunny may pop up unexpectedly in a humorous way she is found unexpectedly in the most unusual places.

I found A Long Fatal Love Chase to be a very entertaining read. While this book did get a little repetitive (although the title should have given it away) I enjoyed reading of the unexpected persona’s the two took to hide their identities even if both were for different reasons; and also when and where Tempest would pop up. One thing that I found sad about this book was that the couple still loved each other deeply. Although, Rosamond refused to express these emotions due to her husband’s past, and tempest’s affection had turned violent.

On a last note, Louisa May Alcott died in 1888 with this book being thought of as too sensational for her lifetime so was not published until 1995 over a century after her death. The sad thing about this is that A Long Fatal Love Chase would be considered tame by today’s standards.


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  1. Brenna– Little Women was one of my favorite books growing up. If you ever have the opportunity to read one Alcott book, I'd suggest that one.

    Juju– Thank you! I was wondering if the Looney Tunes reference may be a little offensive towards the author.

  2. I hadn't even heard of this one till you put it on your blog. I have to read it, it is going on my TBR list and the Fudd and Bugs reference was funny! 🙂

  3. This sounds like a really intriguing book and completely different to the type of books that I associate with Louisa May Alcott. I may add this to the books I am planning on reading as part of the All Things Alcott Challenge.

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