Lady Susan by Jane Austen

July 12, 2016 Whitney Review 2 Comments

Lady Susan by Jane AustenLady Susan by Jane Austen
Published by Dover Publications on November 8th 2005
Genres: Classic
Pages: 80
Source: Library

Beautiful, flirtatious, and recently widowed, Lady Susan Vernon seeks an advantageous second marriage for herself, while attempting to push her daughter into a dismal match. A magnificently crafted novel of Regency manners and mores that will delight Austen enthusiasts with its wit and elegant expression.

First Impressions

Lady Susan was a Jane Austen novel I had not yet read. With the recent release of the film  Love & Friendship, thought this would be as good a time as any. 

Impressions While Reading

Lady Susan, one of Austen’s novellas, was as witty as ever but it did take me a while to get into.  The novel was compiled of letters. Thus, I needed time to adjust and get the characters in order.  Once I got in the flow I enjoyed the novella more. I grew to loath Lady Susan and her conniving Bitchy ways (and yes the capital B is intentional). Otherwise, the characters, Fredrica, Reginald, Alicia, etc were unremarkable and to be honest, quite forgettable.

Final Impressions

After seeing the film, it saddens me to say that it is one of the few occasions where the movie is better. I felt the imagery was better and the plot did not feel as disjointed as its book counterpart. While it was still a little slow, the costumes (oh the bustles!) made up for it.

Overall, despite my oh so wanting to like them both were a disappointment from a favored author.


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  1. Margaret

    Saw the film, and yes, I agree that the story dragged, but the costumes almost made the whole thing worthwhile!

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