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Today I am pleased to feature Kerry-Ann from Reading a Little Bit of Everything
1, Describe yourself in 5 words

hmmm… I’d probs say I’m Loud, Talkative, Upfront, Honest and trustworthy.. 🙂 There good traits right? 

2, How did you come up with the name of your blog
To be honest it was really easy.. for days and days I kept writing down all these different names and in the end I settled and started a blog called “A Little Bit of Everything” but after while it was very noticeble it was just about books so I made the change to “Reading A Little Bit of Everything” because I really do read a little bit of everything..

3, Your first bookish memory

Hmm… it’s probably when I purchased Chasing Daisy by Paige Toon, based on a woman travelling round countries serving an F1 team.. it was the first book I bought by the author when I was 15 or 16 only just started enjoying reading, I stayed up all night reading and fell in love with the character Will (bear in mind I’d only got into reading) *spoiler alert* and then Will crashed and died.. I was distraught, shocked and literally coulda squealed in Paige Toons face at 5 am but instead I cried my heart out and that’s when I realised the effect books can have.. 🙂 when I think of bookish memories that’s what I think of.. the very place my whole addiction started.. (Paige Toon is an amazing author btw! I love her)

4, If you could eat lunch with any author (living or dead) who would it be and why?

Author? or authors? Can I pick a few? there is no way someone can answer with one.. can they?
It’d have to be Jennifer L. Armentrout! hands down! I mean.. I’m nearly crying thinking about if I ever that came true!  She’d probs get security and a restraining order cause I’d scream, then babble, then yell how much I love her, then flap up and down on the spot.. yeah.. I have crazy fan girl reactions.. but could ya imagine?  OMG the thought.. 😮 

5, Do you have any unsual bookish habits?

I know this is gonna sound bad but.. I don’t like second hand books! There I said it.. I’m sorry! I like my books new and sleek and perfect but not if they’ve been sitting in someones house for years.. oh that sounds dreadfully mean of me.. sorry!

6, What was the last book you read and would you recommend it?

Thirteen weddings by Paige Toon and I’d very very much recommend it to readers! The authors writing is amazing and really pulls you in.. the best part is all her books are released every summer and are the perfect beach or holiday reads, light, fun and flirty! (Read Paiges books due to publication date as all her characters interlink) 

7,  Is there an author who is an “instant buy”

That’s a real easy question.. Jennifer L. Armentrout! 😀 I one click all her books… I’ve read 13 of them and each one is more amazing than the last (is possible) especially the Lux series… 😉

8, Bookish Boyfriend (you know we all have one)

Daemon Black.. I mean he’s perfect, cocky, hot, caring, bit full of himself but he’s just do dang perfect! LOOK: 

That’s Pepe Toth.. he’s probs different than Daemon.. but he’s still perfect… *sighs*

9, What were your favorite book(s) growing up and what are they now?

It wasn’t until I was about 15-16 that I started to get into reading but when I was younger I loved the books, Ruby the Red Fairy, Amber the Orange Fairy etc I had them all.. my mum used to always read me one before I woulda went to bed and I loved it… I don’t have favourite books now I have favourite authors.. such as Abbi Glines, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Cora Carmack, Kahlen Aymes, Paige Toon and Lucy Felthouse.. 😀 

10, Any advice for newbie bloggers

Socialise! Socialise! Socialise! For so long I was scared to get involved and share opinions on other book blogs that I wasted so much time not getting to know and meeting such lovely people! So get involved in memes, comment on other blogs.. (but don’t leave your blog links) to me it seems people do that for more views.. I get comments like “amazing review or great” then.. “check out my blog” and I’m like.. really?? I have a dedicated hour each day where I nosy through all my face blogs and comment or like them! 🙂 

Thanks so much to She is Too Fond of books for featuring me and my blog! 🙂 

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Thank you Kerry-Ann is was a pleasure to host you.  I am totally with you on going fangirl crazy with one’s favorite author.  If Jane Austen were still living I’d be all over the creator of Mr. Darcy.


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