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Q:  What’s your criteria of a misbehaving author/reviewer?

A: For both reviewer and author I think disrespectfulness is a key component to misbehaving.  Whether it be an author commenting negatively on an unflattering review or a complete attack on a book.  Negative reviews are fine just don’t be mean or hurtful on either end. 


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Q: How many books do you normally read in a month?

A: It varys, depending on my mood, quality of the book and time I have to read, but my norm is usually three.

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Chapter One:

“He’s going to die soon… I’m sorry,” concluded chief neurosurgeon. “We could try to operate…but his chances of surviving surgery are…slim. What do you want to do?”

Friday 56

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Page 56:

Furry, black, and white, Bucky wore a red and white sweater on his barreled chest, and looked like he meant business

My Thoughts:

The beginning sentence makes an impact and has the reader wanting to know more but by page 56 I want to throw the book at the wall — it is very preachy and as I have similar health problems to Ben do not always agree on the decision making. The author is local and while I want to find something positive I’m having a hard time coming up with lemonade. Even Bucky the Badger, who is described on page 56 is having trouble making up for it. I should also note that I’m hovering dangerously close to the reviewer no-no I mentioned above.
ben lemonade

Making Lemonade with Ben by Katherine Perreth

This award-winning tale of triumphant woe chronicles the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical effects on a family after seven-year-old Ben is found in a coma. Despite Ben’s ensuing struggles with myriad disabilities and mental health issues, love wins. Narrated with irrepressible humor by the quirky mom, the story follows sixteen years of trauma and victory, culminating with Ben’s invitation to Washington DC.


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  1. stormi34

    If it’s a religious book then I get the preachy, but if it’s someone preaching their views on a illness not so much, so it depends. The opener is gripping. 🙂

    Friday Meme

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