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November 7, 2013 Whitney Friday Memes 9 Comments

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Q: Do you post your book reviews as soon as you have completed the book or do you wait a few days?

A: I’ve been going through a small reading/reviewing slump but when I’m on my game I write them 1 to 3 days after reading said book and always schedule my reviews for Wednesday and Friday.

Q: Vlog Feature: Tell us why you would be the best feature ever in a vlog. The best two will get picked for next week’s feature. If you do not want to participate, just tell us why you can’t be caught on video.
A: I am extremely shy and soft spoken.  Half the time people have to ask me to repeat myself because I speak so quietly.  I also have a feeling I would ramble and be incoherent.  It should also be mentioned that I am overdo for a hair appointment — I couldn’t show my roots on camera!

On another note, as the end of 2013 is slowly approaching I’ve been thinking of changes to my blog.  In 2014 I would like to add a “what other bloggers thought” section to my reviews, although in order to do so I need reviews!  I love reading other’s thoughts and think it would be a great way to spread the word not only for your own review but give a broader look (both good or bad) at the book in question.

Note: Book Titles and Dates can be found on my sidebar.

Secondly, I love reading personal posts just as much as book reviews  and in 2014 I’d like to include  weekly interviews with other book bloggers.  My wish is to give a look that is deeper than what you are currently reading and showcase the person behind the keyboard.

If anyone is interested, please send me an email which can be found under my policies/contact page.




9 responses to “Friday Memes #33

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

    As you saw, I write my reviews as I read. Much, much easier. I send myself e-mails with the content and change as I move along in the book.

    Happy Hopping!!
    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer

  2. I usually write my review immediately after finishing the book… I think I'm just weird because your response seems more common. The interviews in 2014 sounds interesting. New follower. I made a video… It's pretty goofy.
    My Video

  3. New GFC follower! I try to do my reviews right after I read them, but my stupid blogger never post them when I set a time so I end up doing most of them months after I read them! eeek! Cudos to you for trying to keep on schedule!

  4. That's awesome you have a schedule for your reviews. But it's all good about not being in the game, I'm not in my game neither these days. LOL

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