Friday Memes #31

October 17, 2013 Whitney Friday Memes 34 Comments

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This week’s question:
Norman Bates VS Hannibal Lecter: Which one of these famous book murderers is scarier?

Answer:  Norman Bates, mentally he seems more deranged to me.  To the end of the book/movie he thinks there is absolutely nothing wrong with him, unwilling to even harm a fly.  Where as Hannibal Lecter I think is aware of what he is doing thus has more of a shock and awe factor.


This week’s question:
What are some of your favorite magazines?

A: I get all my news online or from Brian Williams, because of that I only read two magazines regularly, Bookmarks where I get even more fantastic book recomendations and Vanity Fair — don’t let the cover fool you there are some pretty interesting articles in there.




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  1. Hannibal was already in a mental hospital, so I already knew he was unstable. At first glance Norman seems to be the quite next door neighbor, so to me he always seemed more crazier and scarier.

  2. I adore Norman… I felt sorrier for him, because he was clearly the product of some seriously freaky maternal stifling, and it wasn't NORMAN who was the murderer, it was NORMA. Same body, sure, but same consciousness? Nope. NORMAN is horrified by 'Mother's' actions… and it's Mother who has totally taken over by the end. Hannibal, on the other hand, knows EXACTLY what he's doing and derives great pleasure from it. An equally compelling villain, but definitely scarier because THAT'S JUST HIM. Oooh, I love these kinds of 'X or Y' questions! 🙂

  3. I admit to have let the cover of Vanity Fair fool me from time to time 😉
    I'm only twenty-five and still sort of transitioning to adult magazines. I always enjoy girly mags such as Cosmo and Glamour. However, they have a tendency to keep me from reading my TBR, so I only buy them when I'm travelling.

    Cheers, Katarina 🙂

    PS. I follow you on bloglovin.

  4. I have never heard of Bookmarks, will have to look it up. I don't read or buy magazines anymore because my nose is always in a book.

    I think Norman Bates scares me more, but the thought of someone killing and then eating me is quite disturbing as well.

    New Bloglovin follower
    My FF

  5. I do all the Crochet Magazines for the patterns 🙂 Everything else I get online!

    I am all about Hannibal but that was the first thriller series that really hooked me!

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