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October 11, 2013 Whitney Friday Memes 15 Comments

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Q: What scary book would you like turned into a feature film?
A:  Like I stated in last week’s hop question I don’t read a lot of scary books so my range for this question is minimal, although two of my favorite authors write suspenseful mysteries, Gillian Flynn and Tana French.  Gone Girl,and Dark Places are in development which I am very excited about  as Gillian Flynn’s books have multiple twists and turns, plus two of her books take place in Missouri where I lived for nine years.  I also would love to see Tana French’s Dublin Murder Squad series on the big screen.  Her characters are always well developed with twisting story lines. 

This Week’s Question: Feature your favorite blogger(s)

In no particular order:

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15 responses to “Friday Memes #30

  1. I loved Gone Girl and cannot wait to read Dark Places. Thanks for the shout out, and I love the other blogs you mentioned as well. It is my understanding that Gone Girl will be a movie .

  2. I don't have a scary book that I would like to be turned into a movie but I'd love to see Edgar Allan Poe's short stories into a tv series would be very cool. Following you back via bloglovin'.

  3. I don't love scary books either, but love a great suspense/mystery every once in a while. There is a great political thriller out by Adrienne LaCava titled, "No One Can Know" that has an extremely exciting story plot that takes place during the JFK assassination. It takes a unique hook around a still riveting, real mystery. Love books like this! It is one that I would love to see made into a movie.

    • Dear Ashley, I'm late to this conversation but had to say THANKS for the shout out about my novel, "No One Can Know." And Molly, I appreciate your interest so much! BTW, since the convo started, the title has drawn a lot of strong reviews, including eleven 5-stars on Amazon so far! (link on home page) Like all avid readers, you both have tons of options and I am grateful when any reader invests in a new author who hasn't the big house hype behind them. We have to get discovered after all and this helps me out, a lot =)) Happiest of blessings to you and yours for Thanksgiving and always. ~Adrienne

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