Don’t Complain Tomorrow Vote Today

November 8, 2016 Whitney Uncategorized 2 Comments

Today is election day. The nail-biting worry that has been felt will come to an end. Although there is one very important component and that is you. Your voice. What makes America great is the ability to have a voice at the voting box. A simple check speaks volumes and can affect the next four years. I know, some parties have claimed that the election is rigged and for those who don’t vote red that vote is invalid and thus out to get someone “fired”. However,  your space in line counts for something.

I’m not going to launch into a campaign spiel about who would make a better President as both parties have faults that are hard to defend, therefore the decision is your’s.

Whatever color you support you matter. If you do not vote today, you have no right to complain tomorrow. Thus the takeaway is to get out and vote.

And just for shits and giggles (and to lighten the mood) here is the SNL skit of the second presidential debate.

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