August Reading Plans

August 12, 2015 Whitney books 0 Comments

I hope to start a monthly feature for reading plans I have during the coming month.  So far, despite the fact that it is Austen in August hosted by Adam at Roof Beam Reader I have been focusing on Dickens, in the form of Masterpiece Theater for which I have recently become addicted to.  I guess you could say I’m going on a binge, but plan to review them here as well.  

As for my reading plans, I do plan to read at least one Austen (or Austen inspired) novel as well as finishing Stephen King’s latest book Finders Keepers.  My Daphne du Maurier tour is also planned to begin next week and will read The Scapegoat as my contribution.  

Do you have  any reading plans this month and if so, how are they going?


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