What’s in a Name 2017

November 28, 2016 Whitney Review 4 Comments


What’s in a Name hosted by The Worm Hole

Challenge Information:

  • The challenge runs from January to December. During this time you choose a book to read from each of the following categories. (Examples of books you could choose are in brackets – translations and other languages most definitely count!)
  • Books can be any format (print, audio, ebook).
  • It’s preferred that the books don’t overlap with other challenges, but not a requirement at all.
  • Books cannot overlap categories (for instance my example of I Capture The Castle could be used for ‘a building’ or ‘a title in which at least two words share a first letter’ but not both).
  • Creativity for matching the categories is not only allowed, it’s encouraged!
  • You don’t have to make your list of books beforehand, you can choose them as you go.
  • You don’t have to read your chosen books in any particular order.


Challenge Categories

  • A number in numbers —
  • A building —
  • A title which has an ‘X’ somewhere in it —
  • A compass direction —
  • An item/items of cutlery —
  • A title in which at least two words share the same first letter – alliteration! —



4 responses to “What’s in a Name 2017

    • I haven’t participated in this particular challenge in a few years, but I remember have a fun time matching books up with the appointed categories. I’ll warn you though, challenges can become addicting!

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