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June 8, 2014 Whitney Sunday Post 8 Comments

Sunday Post
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Many weeks ago I talked about selling our home, unfortunately and due to no one’s fault the deal fell through.  We are back to square one on that front but are moving forward with a lot we have put an offer on, looking at house plans and hoping we can draw something up we call agree with. 

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8 responses to “Sunday Post #27

  1. I hope things work out on the home front Whitney, set backs are always a disappointment. We sold a house once and their financing fell through, but a week or so later we got a better hopefully it will all work out.

  2. I love all the King books you got!! WOOT! I hope you sell your house too. I would like to put ours up for sale soon so that we can move to a better neighborhood and a bigger house. I feel sometimes like we've been putting too much work into the house we are in since we will probably sell it soon.

    • Yeah, glad to hear it! I made a trip to the library during a showing and thought they looked good.

      I know what you mean by putting work into a house when you'll probably sell it. For instance, we replaced our garage door which needed attention three years ago and the carpet in our family room. I wished we had done it earlier so we could have enjoyed it… Oh well.

  3. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on the home selling front. We moved almost 5 years ago and I have sworn never again! I'll have to go look at your Ember Island review. The cover is gorgeous. Have a great week!

    • We say that every time too, but somehow it never works out that way. Although I really do think this will be the last. The cover of Ember Island is what drew me to it in the first place and has a good storyline to boot!

  4. It happened to my sister too, the people were willing to buy her house but they finally couldn't finance it. Now she's sold it and is enjoying her new home 🙂 Have a great week !

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