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March 30, 2016 Whitney Explore the Classics 25 Comments

“Classic’ – a book which people praise and don’t read.”

Spoken by Mark Twain these words could not be truer. Classics I feel are the basis for popular art, think of the constant spewing of Jane Austen retellings or adaptations of Shakespeare because these stories are timeless and have transcended centuries. I have my comfort zone of romantics, but there are so many authors and sub-genres I have not delved into yet. Yes, the Classics Club is slowly getting me there, but I thought I would take it a step further and start a blog tour focusing on a classic author. I would love to make this a monthly (or bi-monthly) community event with participants being scheduled on a particular day to review or talk about a book from the selected category and “Explore the Classics.”

Georgette Heyer is an author I’ve heard so much about but have yet to read.  as a lover of romance regency novels it would seem natural that she was in my wheelhouse,  surprisingly I have not.  Therefore, I am throwing my hat in for a Georgette Heyer blog tour the first week of May.  I sadly could not figure out how to embed a Google Form so if you are interested please comment below with the book you would like to read and prefered date.


25 responses to “Georgette Heyer Blog Tour Sign-Up

  1. Hibernators Library

    I was just thinking of buying The Corinthian on Audible – I’m in the mood for something light and sweet. I can join in with that one. What days are open for the taking?

  2. Bev@My Reader's Block

    Hi! I found you through A Novel Challenge. Georgette Heyer is great–both her romances and her mysteries. If you like both genres, you should definitely try her in both. I have Powder and Patch sitting on my TBR pile waiting for a reason to move it into the line-up. I love to join up –put me down for May 5th.

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