Authors I Read For The First Time In 2016

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Five Authors I’d Read Again

  1. Ariel Lawhon — I read The Wife, the Maid and the Mistress this year thanks to an earlier approval from Netgalley.  I loved how she effortlessly switched from different voices and  has a gift for keeping the reader in suspense.
  2. Agatha Christie — In the six years I have been blogging, countless bloggers have suggested I try Agatha Christie.  Until 2016 I had blown them off.  I finally read And Then There Were None and liked phonics I am hooked.  They don’t call her “The Queen of Crime” for nothing.
  3. Sophie Hannah — Sophie Hannah has actually written a few Christie novels herself, but my introduction to her was through Little Face the first book in the The Waterhouse and Zailer series. I had originally decided to read Sophie Hannah’s novels to fill the time between Tana French’s Dublin Murder Squad series. However, I think she will become much more than just filler.
  4. Patricia Highsmith — I read The Price of Salt or Carol this year due to the release of the movie. While I wasn’t 100% over the moon about Carol I really liked her writing style and would be interested in reading some of her other works.
  5. Annie Proulx — This year, I read Brokeback Mountain.  Proulx has crisp, clean way of telling a story.  Getting to the point eloquently, choosing her words wisely to create a deeper meaning.


Authors I’ll pass on in 2017

  1. Ruth Ware — There was a long wait at the library for The Woman in Cabin 10 so opted to read In a Dark, Dark Wood first.  I was so disappointed.  The writing was a little too high school for me and was not impressed by the simplicity and predictability of the plot either.  Needless to say, I won’t be putting a hold on her second book.
  2. Paula Hawkins — Yes, The Girl on the Train had hype and was a bestseller but like Ruth Ware, I don’t think it was met with the story being a little too discombobulated for my taste.
  3. Cecily von Ziegesar — I was looking for a short, fun read during Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-thon and as I had heard good things about the show thought I would give the book a try. It was a little too “Mean Girls” for me. As I realize its target audience is middle/high school it was a little too much for me and wasn’t thrilled by the storytelling either.
  4. Dinah Jefferies — I am not a fan of simplistic writing or contrived storylines which is what I found Dinah Jefferies approach in The Tea Planter’s Wife to be. Because she has interesting concepts I’m sad to say this but I don’t think I will be venturing into another novel by her anytime soon.
  5. Ransom Riggs — he has interesting plot devises but they are a little too young adult driven for me — again, I realize that is the target audience for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.  There is nothing wrong with this but my time reading could be better spent elsewhere.

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16 responses to “Authors I Read For The First Time In 2016

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed Brokeback Mountain, it was a great novella, and though I don’t know if I will read Annie Proulx again but I did enjoy it. I like the way you did your list with author’s you’d pass on for next rear. I certainly had my share of those for 2016.
    Thanks for stopping by my TTT Whitney.

    • I’d really like to try The Shipping News at some point, although I’m not sure when I’ll get to it. Thank you for commenting Kimberly.

  2. I’ve read a smidgen of Agatha Christie (started her Halloween one and got bored- I know, isn’t that awful?) and I may have started another one years ago- as a book blogger it’s a little embarrassing to admit ha ha! I need to try again in 2017, I’ve had my eye on Death on the Nile.

    Ruth ware is hit or miss for me, I thought Cabin 10 was pretty good but it didn’t blow me away or anything. And same with Riggs- I don’t think Peregrine’s is my thing either.
    Greg recently posted…Top Ten New To Me AuthorsMy Profile

    • I think if I was a young adult reading Ransom Riggs I would have enjoyed it more, but I have sadly grown out of that and just din’t translate.

  3. I still haven’t read any Christie! I need to remedy this seeing as I have a great fondness for cozy mysteries – although Murder on the Orient Express looks more up my alley than Miss Marple. Hmmm I bet Christie books are good audiobooks – I should look into that for my next car book!

    • I actually listened to And Then There Were None read by Dan Stevens and it was excellent. Although, Matthew Crawley could read the phonebook to me and I’d be happy. Anyway, I hope you get the chance to give Agatha Christie a try.

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