Wuthering Heights Wednesday Week 4

April 28, 2010 Whitney read-along 8 Comments

Wuthering Heights Wednesday is all about the Wuthering Heights Read-along hosted by Jill at Fizzy Thoughts with each week we will read three chapters from the classic novel and then post our thoughts on, you guessed it –Wednesday!

Chapters 10-12 Synopsis:

Last week in Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff had left the moors with Cathy standing in the rain with Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” playing in the background.  Now, Cathy has married Edgar Linton, while he may not be her first or true love he is wealthy and nice so that’s good enough for her.  Unfortunately, any happiness the couple could have had went out the window upon Heathcliff’s return.  He and Edgar get into a heated argument which causes Cathy to become quite ill and locks herself away with grief driving her mad.  Meanwhile, Edgar’s sister Isabella grows a strong attachment to Mr. Heathcliff, who in turn takes advantage of these feelings with the two riding into the night and eloping.  Stupid Isabella.

My Thoughts:

Maybe there’s something in the water in the moors because everyone is seriously messed up!   Cathy is a mega bitch, who wouldn’t lift a finger for anyone but expects those around her to indulge in her every wish.  What do Edgar and Heathcliff see in her?   Heathcliff, I could see twirling his mustache while tying someone to the train tracks– he’s just that evil!  Edgar, is visibly pissed but I don’t think he could ever fight Heathcliff and get away with it.  Isabella, can’t get past Heath’s bad boy persona and see him for the devil he truly is.  Maybe she thinks she can “change” him.  And poor Hareton, who could have been a gentleman, has been reduced to a wayward child under Heathcliff’s influence and his father’s gambling addiction.  Someone needs to call Jerry Springer…



8 responses to “Wuthering Heights Wednesday Week 4

  1. I want to eco what Kim just said, Ive only seen the film and I hated the charactors in that so its quite funny to read the read-a-long thoughts

  2. Too funny! I re-read this last year and about halfway through I remember thinking, these people are all nuts! Why did I like this book so much? But I kept reading and by the time I got to the end I decided it was still one of my favorite books!

  3. Book Quoter– Thank you!

    Lisa– Maybe Maury Povich too!

    Kim– I would suggest it, Wuthering Heights is a very fascinating read.

    Jessica– I've been enjoying reading all the read-alonger's thoughts too. It's highly amusing to see everyone's different take on it.

    Lady Q– This one of my favorite books because the characters are so nutty.

  4. Hmm… hadn't considered the water. I was figuring an overdose of moorish fresh air might be a factor! Jerry Springer material, indeed. Why am I enjoying this so much?

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