Wuthering Heights Wednesday Week 3

April 22, 2010 Whitney read-along 6 Comments

Wuthering Heights Wednesday is all about the Wuthering Heights Read-along hosted by Jill at Fizzy Thoughts with each week we will read three chapters from the classic novel and then post our thoughts on, you guessed it –Wednesday!

Chapters 7-9 Synopsis:

After returning from the Linton’s with ankle fully healed, it seems that the swelling in her foot has moved to her head; as after associating herself with a family who is more finical comfortable  than her own  has gotten at taste for the finer things in life and would like it to remain so.  She treats Heathcliff with a different, more refined air, but yet still wants to remain his confidant, disturbing him at the change she has taken.

In other news, Hindley has a son Hareton.  Unfortunately, Hareton’s mother soon dies after giving birth leaving their son as a dull reminder and turns Hindley to drink.

Now back to Heathcliff and Cathy, Cathy after much debate excepts Edgar Linton’s hand, marrying more for convenience than for love.  This does not set well with Mr. Heathcliff who after over hearing a private conversation between Cathrine and Nelly promptly leaves Wuthering Heights.  Upon the realization that Heathcliff  has disappeared a “search party” is put in order with Cathrine staying out all night in the rain calling a name that will never answer.

My Thoughts:

I am a bad read-alonger.  I’ve sped ahead to chapter 12 already and really don’t see myself slowing down, it’s just too addicting.  My dislike for Cathy really steps up here, before she had potential or hope that she could turn out a good person, but now she is Lindsey Lohan from Mean Girls.  I really don’t understand what Heathcliff sees in her, but then again he doesn’t have many redeeming qualities either.

To be perfectly honest, the only character I have any real compassion for is Edgar Linton and even he has a tendency  to be a little pussy.  Talk about a dysfunctional family!  It probably sounds like I am totally getting down on Emily Bronte’s novel but I’m really enjoying it, (I am reading ahead aren’t I?)  I think the reason this is such a consuming novel is because the characters are so despicable, invoking so many emotions.