Write on Review-a-Thon 6/26 – 6/27

June 26, 2015 Whitney review-a-thon 0 Comments

Write On Review-a-Thon

I’m usually pretty good at staying on top of writing and prepping reviews but as of late I’ve gotten a bit behind. Therefore, when I saw The Book Vixen was hosting her Write On review-a-thon this weekend I thought it would be a great opportunity to play catch-up.

Right now, I have two reviews to write and would like to prep a few as well.

Reviews to write:

  • Snow White Must Die by Nele Neuhaus
  • The Bishop’s Wife by Mette Ivie Harrison

 Reviews to prep:

  • Bad Wolf by Nele Neuhaus
  • The Far End of Happy by Kathryn Craft

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