Voldemort: the Villain with No Nose

November 17, 2016 Whitney Uncategorized 7 Comments


A disagreement I commonly have with my boyfriend is not over taking the trash out but over Lord Voldemort.  Yes, you read that correctly, Lord Voldemort.  I grew up with the novels, said his name in hushed whispers and grew chills when he emerged from a graveyard.  My boyfriend, who chose National Geographic over Hogwarts does not understand how you can be scared a of a villain with no nose.

My argument is that it is not his appearance but his actions that makes him the darkest wizard of all time. He killed and tortured people for his own gain without a thought to the consequences or lives he shattered in his wake. He cares for no one, and disposes of others like an empty soda can.

Voldermort is a narcissist, from an early age he knew he was different and special. He took pride in being related to Salazar Slytherin and with a bulging ego easily convinced others to do his bidding and persuaded the trusting and weak-minded to follow in his shadow.

His quest for immortality is an obsession that could not be quenched, which leads his motivation to commit atrocious acts all the more frightening. Another point is his lack of empathy or need for others. This is exhibited in Dumbledore’s memory upon meeting Tom Riddle at age 11. In said memory, he alludes to torture and manipulation towards other children and a persistence that he does not desire Dumbledore to help collect his books in Diagon Alley. This, more than any event in all seven books is the most telling of Tom Riddle’s personality and the villain with no nose that he will become.

Needless to say our disagreement is far from over. Our heels are dug in over look vs actions. It is a “what came first the chicken or the egg” scenario. I will leave with a quote from Dumbledore as he always seems to have a brilliant last word.

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”


7 responses to “Voldemort: the Villain with No Nose

  1. Kimberly

    My Mister teases me over Harry Potter. He’s 10 years older so he was a teen when the books first got published, mean while I was in the first generation of the readers (we’re hardcore). He always teases me about Voldemort and his being noseless! It’s alright though, he’s a muggle and he can’t help it lol.
    Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

    • I have to forgive my muggle of a mister too, as he’s pretty agreeable in every othe respect. I have to agree with your comment on first generation Harry Potter fans, I think everyone who grew up reading them in the 90s is a Potterhead for life.

  2. Harry Potter really transcends generations. I agree, Voldermort will always be my quintessential bad guy because of what he stands for not because of what he looks like.

    • He is described as “snake-like” in the books. I do recall there being mention of a flat nose in the book Goblet of Fire. Personally, I don’t think it matters how big his nose is in the films though because Ralph Fiennes is creepy!

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