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September 22, 2014 Whitney Blogging 0 Comments

Recently I adamantly decided to go from She is too fond of books to She is too fond.  I changed it because I wanted to include movie reviews and thought having “books” in the title was too defining.  Well, I realized I’m vain because  after fiddling around with a new banner and my mom mentioning she was sad to see it go.  I reevaluated again, and realized I was rash.  I’m vain and like my banner.  It is my blog and if I want to include movie reviews in a book blog so be — nothing wrong with a little diversity.  Apparently, I don’t like drastic change and instead decided to include it in my about page.  This is probably a silly, needless post, but it is really more for me, just as She is too fond of books is.


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