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January 9, 2012 Whitney Reading Challenge 22 Comments

I loved, loved loved Roald Dahl growing up, I ate up James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, my new favorite word was “poppycock” after reading Fantastic Mr. Fox.  In short, I thought Roald Dahl was amazing!  So, when I saw this challenge I just had to join. 
  • Runs from January 01 2012 to December 31 2012. Jump in whenever you can.
  • You don’t have to have a blog to participate.
  • Read as many or as few books as you’d like. [I’m shooting for all 15 in my collection]
  • Physical books, ebooks, audiobooks are all welcome.
  • His children’s books are the primary focus of this challenge. You are welcome to read a few of his adult books to count towards the challenge.
  • For bonus fun please feel free to watch the movie adaptations in addition to the books.

I’ll be reading:

  1. Boy
  2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  3. Charlie and the Glass Elevator
  4. James and the Giant Peach
  5. Fantastic Mr. Fox
  6. Matilda
  7. The BFG
  8. The Witches
  9. My Uncle Oswald
  10. Storyteller: the authorized biography of Roald Dahl by Donald Sturrock 

Lee Wind and Mother Reader are
bringing The Comment Challenge to your January — the perfect time of
year to make a new resolution to connect more with your fellow bloggers.

Since it is said that it takes twenty-one days to form a new habit, they
are going to run The Comment Challenge for the next three weeks —
starting Thursday, January 5, and running through Wednesday, January 25,
The goal is to comment on at least five book blogs a day.
Keep track of your numbers, and report in on Wednesdays with Lee. We’ll
tell each other how we’re doing and keep each other fired up. On
Wednesday, January 25, Mother Reader will post the final check-in post
for the Comment Challenge.
A prize package will be involved, drawing from among the bloggers who
reach the 100 Comment Mark (five comments a day for twenty-one days with
one day free of comment charge).
Go to Mother Reader for Frequently Asked Questions and Sign-Up.

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22 responses to “Two More Challenges

  1. Hi fellow Dahl fan. My favorite word from Dahl is "TWIT". oops,and thanks, I didn't realize I was supposed to be keeping track of anything for the comment challenge. I'm such a twit sometimes. 😉

  2. Even in Australia– Even though I enjoyed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory growing up I remember more of the plot via the movie with Gene Wilder. For-shame on me!

    Carol A. Bender– I didn't realize we were suppose to keep track of comments either until I reread the rules, I sure you are not alone.

    thecheapreader–Thanks, I'm looking forward to rereading some Dahl!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog today!
    Love seeing all the challenges you are participating in this year.
    Good luck with all of them!
    BTW-James and the Giant Peach was read to me by my 4th grade teacher and I believe that experience gave me my love for reading-it was the first time I experienced a story coming to life and being taken away to another world-Powerful!

  4. Jo

    How awesome! I got myself out of a reading slump a while ago by reading a few Roald Dahl books. I love James and the Giant Peach (with original illustrations), and also Danny, The Champion of the World.

    Looking forward to reading your reviews!

  5. I love Matilda! I loved the movie growing up (and it's still one of my favourites) so a couple years ago I read the book and it was wonderful. Boy was just disturbing. Oh my goodness, the part with the tonsils!

  6. My favorite Roald Dahl is "Danny, the Champion of the World" (though "Fantastic Mr. Fox" is a close second). I absolutely cannot wait until my son is old enough for the Dahl books!

  7. Amy

    Stopping by from the comment challenge – I honestly think the only Dahl book I have read is James and the Giant Peach. I'll have to read a few more!

  8. I'm visiting from the comment challenge. I love the way you're keeping track on your blog. My list is far less organized, and it's just in a Google doc!

  9. Thanks for the information about the Dahl challenge – I've always been a big fan as well. I read Storyteller last year over a break and loved it. I'm doing the comment challenge (it's how I found your blog!). I haven't done the Newbery or Caldecott challenges yet but I may need to jump on this Dahl one!

  10. Oh, wow. That takes some persistence to keep track of all the challenges. You have some great ones, though. I need to go back and read Harry Potter again. I haven't done that in too long. Good luck!

  11. My Uncle Oswald was a new title to me!! Am impressed with those of you bloggers actually keeping a record of whose blogs you have visited and when!. Ultra organized 🙂

  12. My favorite Dahl right now is probably Danny the Champion of the World, but my answer might change next week.

    I'm enjoying finding new people through the comment challenge, although I'm more of the post-it school of tracking. All your challenges look fun.

  13. Oh what a great idea the Roald Dahl challenge is. How to pick a favourite? I think my kids are a wee bit too young for Dahl (2 and 4) but I cannot wait to share The BFG and Matilda and all the other awesome books with them.

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