Top Eleven Tuesday: Kick-Ass Heroines (because I couldn’t narrow it down)

October 30, 2012 Whitney Top Ten Tuesday 7 Comments

Top Eleven Favorite Kick-Ass Heroines (in no particular order)

  1. Lisbeth Salander — Lisbeth is the definition of bad-ass.  Hacker by day, she has a quick reaction time and ways of digging up the dirt to her benefit; she also never puts on a good girl persona and is devilish with plotting revenge and come-backs.  I would not want to cross her
  2. Cassie Maddox — Cassie is a milder version of Lisbeth, headstrong and an I can do anything Super Woman attitude, clearly shown in The Likeness with her undercover work
  3. Elizabeth Bennet — With fine eyes, wit, and a sharp tongue she is not afraid to speak her mind (especially in front of men) which was more than poo-pooed in the era.  A strong outspoken woman which is commendable. 
  4. Nancy Drew — Sometimes, I think the original Nancy Drew mysteries can be a little dated with woman’s rights but Nan still presses on with her sleuthing, not giving a damn what people say.
  5. Flavia de Luce — “sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s not what Flavia’s made of”.  In fact she is as far from that as humanly possible, staying cooped up with her chemistry supplies, concocting, potions to get rid of her two elder sisters.  She is on this list not only because of trusty bicycle but because of a keen eye of perception and rule-breaking. 
  6. Katniss Everdeen — She volunteers in her sister’s steed for The Hunger Games, which shows true character and is also bad-ass with a bow
  7. Jean Louise “Scout” Finch — Scout is an eight year old who looks at the world with hard eyes, saying anything that comes into her brain without considering its consciences, doing it all without sounding precocious.  The scene where she accosts Mr. Cunningham outside Tom Robinson more than exemplifies it.
  8. Elphaba  — To quote Kermit the Frog “It ain’t easy being green”  and Elphaba does a damn good job of it.  Not only standing up for Animal’s rights, but not (always) let others say about that green girl put her down to ruin her constant battle with the Wizard
  9. Scarlet O’Hara — With her “I’ll think about it tomorrow attitude” and quick thinking she more than deserves  a place on this list.  Not only does she keep her gumption throughout Gone with the Wind but she shoots a Yankee too.
  10. Leisel Meminger — How can a true book-lover not include Leisel?  She is brave due to circumstances beyond her control (i.e. harboring a Jew).  She also kept her cool, and other’s nerves throughout the bombing; all through the power of reading.
  11. Hermione Granger — First off she has the power of knowledge through reading and is deemed the brightest witch of her age.  She also fights for what is right even if it is the more difficult choice.  Hermione also is a true friend sticking by them through thick and thin no matter what the concicquences, which is shown most prominantly in book 7.  And did I meantion Dumbledore’s Army, showing she is not againest breaking rules when it is for the comman good.

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