Top Eleven Book Turn Offs

October 1, 2013 Whitney Top Ten Tuesday 2 Comments

  1. Dog-eared pages — its just sacrilegious
  2. paranormal subject matter
  3. Cartoon drawings on book covers — for some reason I associate them with supermarket trash
  4. erotica
  5. food spills on pages (although I am sometimes guilty of this)
  6. ripped pages/book covers (I like my book in pristine condition)
  7. cutesy animal stories (no Black Beauty for me)
  8. an “I’m setting this book up for a series/sequel” ending
  9. Goosebump cliffhangers, I don’t know if anyone read R.L. Stine’s Goosebump series in the 90s but his chapters would end with a door creaking open only for it to be a cat.  Even at the age of ten it annoyed me.
  10. Infidelity — I still read books that include this topic but I think its gross and over done
  11. Absentee Parent — This is an extremely prevalent theme in young adult books (and even tv shows) its an invitation for “girls gone wild”  and the consistency of this theme gets a little old.

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