The Other Woman’s House by Sophie Hannah

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The Other Woman’s House by Sophie HannahThe Other Woman's House (Spilling CID, #6) by Sophie Hannah
Series: Spilling CID, #6
Published by Penguin Books on June 26th 2012
Pages: 464
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The latest psychological thriller from the internationally bestselling author of The Wrong Mother and The Cradle in the Grave

It's past midnight, but Connie Bowskill can't sleep. To pass the time, she logs on to a real estate website in search of a particular house, one she is obsessed with for reasons she's too scared to even admit to herself. As she clicks through the virtual tour, she comes across a scene from a nightmare: a woman lying facedown on the living room floor in a pool of blood. But when she returns to show her husband, there is no body, no blood—just a perfectly ordinary room, with a perfectly clean beige carpet. The sixth book in Sophie Hannah’s beloved Zailer and Waterhouse series, The Other Woman’s House offers unforgettable suspense and a heart-stopping conclusion that Ruth Rendell and Tana French fans will love.

What I Loved

  • The Other Woman’s House is the second book I’ve read by Sophie Hannah and love her suspenseful writing style that held me spellbound until the very end
  • Her attention to detail is marvelous, not only does she create a more vivid picture in one’s mind but adds depth to the crime at hand.

What I Didn’t Love

  • Despite the detail Sophie Hannah creates the story drags and she spent too much time discussing the interior of “the other woman’s house” so at times I actually forgot what the crime was.
  • Zailer and Waterhouse, the two detectives of the novel, just annoyed me.  Their honeymoon/relationship felt forced and they spent too much time talking it out rather than taking action.

Final Thoughts

The Other Woman’s House was predictable to anyone who has watched Dateline as the husband always did it.  Sophie Hannah, while a good writer just didn’t have the panache to keep me engaged in the novel and really didn’t care about the motivate nor was I shocked by the turn in events.  Sadly, this outweighed the potential of the author and will be my last in the Spilling series.


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