The Odd Couple by Neil Simon

May 26, 2016 Whitney Review 2 Comments

The Odd Couple by Neil SimonThe Odd Couple
Author Neil Simon
Narrator: Nathan Lane
Publisher LA Theatre Works
Publication Date January 24, 2001
Source: Library

Poker buddies Felix Ungar and Oscar Madison suddenly find themselves bachelors again and innocently decide to share an apartment. In this classic comedy by Americas most prolific and successful playwright, these two legendarily mismatched roommates bring down the house when they try to live together in one eight-room New York City apartment.

First Impressions

The Odd Couple by Neil Simon,  in play form, is the perfect short humorous read, or listen in my case.

Impressions on Narration

The principal actors voiced the performance well and I found myself laughing aloud at times.  Oscar and Felix are a stitch without intention.

Overall Impression

In a sense, it reminded me of the French film The Dinner Party, a constant critique of the other’s habits and interests with the dud turning up on top, (in this case Felix).  To me, Oscar was more of a distraction, and while they played off each other well, it was FU that I was cheering for — Felix Unger.   Overall, The Odd Couple was nicely scripted and a very entertaining play.

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