The Night Sister by Jennifer McMahon

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The Night Sister by Jennifer McMahonThe Night Sister by Jennifer McMahon
Published by Books on Tape on August 4th 2015
Genres: Horror

The latest novel from New York Times best-selling author Jennifer McMahon is an atmospheric, gripping, and suspenseful tale that probes the bond between sisters and the peril of keeping secrets.

Once the thriving attraction of rural Vermont, the Tower Motel now stands in disrepair, alive only in the memories of Amy, Piper, and Piper's kid sister, Margot. The three played there as girls until the day that their games uncovered something dark and twisted in the motel's past, something that ruined their friendship forever. Now adult, Piper and Margot have tried to forget what they found that fateful summer, but their lives are upended when Piper receives a panicked midnight call from Margot, with news of a horrific crime for which Amy stands accused. Suddenly, Margot and Piper are forced to relive the time that they found the suitcase that once belonged to Silvie Slater, the aunt that Amy claimed had run away to Hollywood to live out her dream of becoming Hitchcock's next blonde bombshell leading lady. As Margot and Piper investigate, a cleverly woven plot unfolds--revealing the story of Sylvie and Rose, two other sisters who lived at the motel during its 1950s heyday. Each believed the other to be something truly monstrous, but only one carries the secret that would haunt the generations to come.

First Impressions:

The Night Sisters is first perceived as a murder/police procedural novel; a genre I eat up — bring it on!

Novel Impressions:

I have mixed feelings about The Night Sister by Jennifer McMahon. Like the The One I Left Behind this novel is told in flashbacks of Amy’s mother Rose and the events that led up to her sister Sylvie’s disappearance. The flashbacks and pacing about what happened to Sylvie were by far my favorite parts. There was tension and had me listening closely. however, this was dimmed by my lack of interest in the characters themselves. I didn’t find them to be well developed, Other than growing up, Amy, Piper and Margot were still the high-strung girls they were the day they discovered Amy’s Grandmother’s dirty little secret so many years ago.

What was the true downfall for me was what was supposed to be the twist. The shapeshifting fantasy aspect just came off as absurd and overall I was disappointed. This is the best the author could come up with? Seriously?

Narration Impressions:

The highlight of the novel was Cassandra Campbell, therefore my downs for The Night Sister were improved by her narration. Her storytelling is soothing and always enhances my enjoyment of the novel.

Final Impressions:

Needless to say, I don’t think I will be indulging in another novel by Jennifer McMahon. Unfortunately, like The One I Left Behind, The Night Sister held the potential but just fell flat and don’t see myself saying “third time’s the charm” any time soon.

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