The Family Fang Movie Review

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The Family Fang Movie Review

Annie and Baxter, the adult children of the controversial husband and wife conceptual performance art couple famous for their quirky macabre public performances, have never got over the fact that their parents kept using them during their childhood in their often gory and disturbing satirical public performances. They often clash with their now elderly parents over this and blame them for their problems in their adult life. However, the two become worried when they're told by the police that their parents have gone missing during their trip outside of town. The brother considers the possibility that something horrible might have happened to them, but the sister is convinced that it's just another one of their stupid games or twisted conceptual performances. She convinces him that they should go and look for them themselves.

The Actors


While watching The Family Fang I realized something, Jason Bateman plays the same role in every movie — Michael Blooth.  The do-gooder who holds himself slightly above others but does it without looking like a dooche. Baxter Fang was no exception, he was a bit of an oblivious doofus and portrayed the lost boy well.

Nicole Kidman I could say the same she tends to play subtle roles where her character eventually takes charge, even in The Hours, she takes charge of the situation with her death, fake nose and all.


Christopher Walken, well he’s just weird in everything he does.

The Adaptation

The Family Fang followed the book to a t but where the book was fun and quirky this adaptation wasn’t. It was depressing and slow and could have ended sooner than later. I went in excited with high hopes and came out filled with disappointment. It had all the elements to be great and was faithful to the book but sadly missed the mark. I was waiting for The Fangs to jump out behind the curtain and yell “Gotcha! now here’s the real art”. Unfortunately they never did and left me wanting something more.

Go to the Theater or Read the Book?

Stay home and read the book. I think a lot more enjoyment and sense of fulfillment would be given by Kevin Wilson’s book. The movie would leave with regret for shilling out eight dollars for a movie ticket.




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