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August 28, 2016 Whitney Sunday Post 18 Comments

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A very quite week but did go out on Friday to celebrate my sister-in-law’s new job.

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The Luckiest Girl by Jessica Knoll
The Luckiest Girl by Jessica Knoll
The Grownup by Gillian Flynn
The Grownup by Gillian Flynn


Currently Reading

The Velvet Hours
The Velvet Hours by Alyson Richman






18 responses to “Sunday Post #84

    • I was attracted to the cover of The Velvet Hours too — it is beautiful! The I am human bot wasn’t showing up and therefore not allowing people to comment so I deleted it. Thank you for the comment!

    • I was very hesitant about The Grownups at first, but found it easy to become absorbed in. It would be a great short story to read over the fall season.

  1. I have had The Luckiest Girl Alive on my bookshelf for awhile and have not yet got around to reading it. I would be interested to know your thoughts.

    Thanks for sharing Alyson Richman’s latest I read The Lost Wife a few years ago now, but still remember it was a very harrowing storyline.

    Have a lovely reading week!

    Amanda @

    • I thought Luckiest Girl Alive was good but it could have been better. It is still worth the read but, I think it just missed the mark. I have my reviews set to go up in October.

    • They were both very interesting books and are great Fall reads. I hope you get the chance to enjoy Luckiest Girl Alive. Thank you for visiting Laurel.

  2. Did you enjoy “The Grownup”? I read that not too long ago and quite liked it–but it was only my 2nd Gillian Flynn experience (I tried listening to “Gone Girl” and didn’t like it, so I can’t really compare it to her other work.

  3. I thought The Grownups was a good thriller especially for being a short story. I was on the Gone Girl bandwagon when it first came out but upon reflection don’t think it deserved the hype. If you want to try another book by Gillian Flynn I recommend Dark Places. It is a little In Cold Bloodesque and much darker than her other books although it is great psychological read. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    • I’m about 100 pages into The Velvet Hours and so far so good. It definately has promise. Also, thank you again for letting me know about my comment issue.

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