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On Friday, I drove to Bloomington, Illinois to see a friend from high school who I hadn’t seen in many years.  It was wonderful to see her, catching-up, walking around town and seeing a performance of Much Ado About Nothing via the Shakespeare Festival there, of which she was working at.

Today, we have an open house.  I had cleaned the house before I left so this morning will involve mandatory pick-up.  We had a showing while we were gone and “while they loved the house they wished there was a full bathroom downstairs.”  Not to rant but our home is 100+ years old and despite having a bedroom downstairs was not meant to have a first floor full bath, (it has a half downstairs and 2 full upstairs).  And between you and me our house is almost 2500 square feet and probably isn’t a house you’d downsize too.  Anyway, my rant is over and will be interested to hear the feedback.

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  1. Most downstairs in houses that I've seen don't have a full bathroom downstairs unless it's part of the master bedroom. The things people complain about never stop surprising me. One would think if you're looking at a 100 year old house you'd be thrilled with 2.5 baths! Good luck with your open house today!

  2. Oh, I remember having houses on the market! Such a terrible time, and feeling horrible about everything you loved about the house. I have sold a few over the years, and the last one (seven years ago) was the worst! It took nine months (since this was after the real estate market starting its downturn). So glad it's over. Good luck!

    Your house sounds wonderful!

    I haven't enjoyed a Shakespearean Festival in ages…Now I am feeling nostalgic.


  3. People and funny. My friend had a showing and they complained the decor was too country..hello? Since when does the decor stay with the house? Hope you have luck. Enjoy your week 🙂

  4. I really should participate in Bloggiesta. There is always things that need to be done, but I just don't feel like it at this point in time. Some people are so picky with little things in houses. Is the house I have grown up in perfect? no, but it has been a great house to grow up in and has plenty of room for our family.

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