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Just a little shameless self-promotion here.   This week I am being featured on Page Turners in Becky’s Lights, Camera, Blog Action This is a really cool idea,  (and I’m not just saying that because I’m featured)  Becky interviews fellow bloggers about their reading history, preferences, and the content of their blog.  So go checkout this weekly event or even just Page Turners, it’s a great site!


12 responses to “Self-Promotion

  1. is a good interview too!

    except for the part where you told us that your books sing to you at night. making cooing noises which lull you to sleep.

    it is kind a creepy and threw me off.

    you should ask her to remove that bit.. i am sure that Becky would be glad to oblige.

  2. Hmm… I just read through the interview and couldn't find anything about books singing. But you're right, that would be a little creepy especially since I'm tone deaf.

  3. It's always nice to find like-minded persons. I adore your blog Allie! It's nice to see someone or something dedicated to the classics.

  4. I am not able to find your interview! But its great to read your blog after a long time 🙂 I have been absolutely swamped at work and now have the flu on top of everything….so using this time to catch up on everything I have missed in the blogging world..

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