Review: The Secret of the Old Clock

November 14, 2010 Whitney Review 6 Comments

Review: The Secret of the Old ClockThe Secret of the Old Clock by Carolyn Keene
Series: Nancy Drew Mystery #1
Published by Grosset and Dunlap on September 2, 1987
Genres: Young Adult
Source: Library

Nancy, unaided, seeks to find a missing will, and the search not only tests her keen mind but also leads her into a thrilling adventure.

The Secret of the Old Clock is very nostalgic to me as it was the first Nancy Drew Mystery I read.  I was ten and on vacation and having run out of books to read was taken to the local bookstore.  My mom persuaded me to try Nancy Drew a favorite of hers growing-up.  I read the novel with relish finishing in a 24 hour period amazed by the adventures Nancy got herself into.  Soon after, I devoured everything Carolyn Keene had written and was shocked years later to discover that “Carolyn Keene” was a ghostwriter with the mysteries being written by men.

Although 15 years have passed since that day Nancy Drew has not changed and still holds my attention.  She is just the right combination of girl next-door and brainy sleuth making for a lovely read for any age.  It’s just swell.


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  1. This was also my first Nancy Drew mystery. I had nearly every book in hardcover (the same editions as the picture you have here). I feel a bit of regret selling them (I was about 13, preferring the money), but happy that they went to a little girl who I hope enjoyed them as much as I did.

  2. I haven't read that many Nancy Drews but I enjoyed them immensely. I was more of a Hardy Boys girl myself. These though, I find myself wanting to read a lot of Agatha Christie and Nancy Drew

  3. I discovered Nancy Drew one weekend when I was visiting my grandparents. My grandma had some old hardcover editions in the basement and I begged to take them home with me after reading one. I still have them…somewhere.

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