Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin

February 10, 2015 Whitney Review 0 Comments

Rosemary’s Baby by Ira LevinRosemary's Baby by Ira Levin
Published by Signet on May 10, 2011
Genres: Horror
Source: Library

Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse, an ordinary young couple, settle into a New York City apartment, unaware that the elderly neighbors and their bizarre group of friends have taken a disturbing interest in them. But by the time Rosemary discovers the horrifying truth, it may be far too late!

First Impressions

The first think I think of when I hear the words Rosemary’s Baby are Mia Farrow and Roman Polanski.  A bad reader I know, associating the novel with its director not the author Ira Levin.  

Impressions While Reading

Rosemary’s Baby is strange.  Strange is the best descriptive word, with Satan and demonic babies I can’t think of a better way to express it.  Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse who at first appear normal slowly descend into a maddening world, with clingy neighbors Minnie and Roman Castevet, who are just a little to obtrusive and a bit creepy, something isn’t quite right.  Rosemary’s Baby had steady pacing and all throughout her pregnancy wanted to scream at how ridiculous it all seemed.  I was as entranced as Guy was to the Castevets until the end.

Final Impressions

The conclusion was drawn out and could have condensed the last ten pages in half.  Although, I don’t think it can be denied that Rosemary’s Baby is a weird book. Even so, as a horror novel, it does the trick.


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