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June 23, 2016 Whitney Uncategorized 1 Comment

One of the things that tempted me most to move to self-hosted WordPress was Ashley’s Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin.

I loved the way the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin looked on other sites and had heard nothing but glowing reviews on it.  Therefore, when I finally made the switch to WordPress I knew it was a plugin I just had to have.

My fellow WordPress users did not exaggerate, The Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin has made reviewing 100 times easier.  Before, when I was on blogger, I had to manually add all the book information and as you can imagine, typing author, publisher etc can get old pretty fast.  With UBB  I simply fill in selected boxes and it is added automatically to the post.  This is not to mention that said review is automatically added to a review archive, again another manual chore that has been deleted from my book blogger to-do list.

At first, I was worried about set up and how long it would take to update all my reviews.  Installation was a snap and customization for how I wanted to position the book information was as easy as drop and drag.  As for updating my reviews, it did take a while but is completely worth it as they now have a cleaner look, and just by entering the title, author and ISBN grab all that pesky book info and formats it for me.

But like a Kabam infomercial, “That’s not all folks!”  There are widgets galore.  Do you want to display your most current reviews on your sidebar?  There’s a widget for that!  How about a customized Goodreads Currently Reading gadget?  There’s a widget for that!  this is not even mentioning, challenge bars, related content, giveaway promoters and much, much more.

There are also short codes for almost everything.  I’m constantly discovering new ones but have been highly utilizing the wrap-up codes for monthly and weekly posts.  It has made them so much easier to schedule as they do all the updating for me!

As a book blogger, The Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin is the best 35 dollars I’ve spent.  It makes tedious tasks done in a jiff so I can concentrate what is important — reading and reviewing, the heart and soul of any book blog and can’t recommend this plugin enough.


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