Pride and Prejudice Read-Along Week Three

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Pride and Prejudice Read-Along

We were left at the end of part two with Elizabeth and her Aunt and Uncle Gardner going off to Pemberley.  Elizabeth, with a feeling of trespassing indeed runs into Mr. Darcy who was not scheduled to return home until tomorrow.  After an awkward 8th grade moment the two recollect themselves and head on with corgailty.  It is only later after settling in with a meeting Georgiana Darcy and Mr. Bingley with his sisters is Elizabeth’s world is torn down.  She receives a letter from Jane stating that their sister Lydia has run away from Brighton with Mr. Wickham.  After reading between the lines of Lydia’s disgracement Jane Austen kind of implies that Lydia is a slut sleeping with a man before marriage and running off to Vagas to be married.  Luckily Lydia is saved by a then masked figure and given a lukewarm reception at home.  Considering her circumstances Lydia acts as if life is a stage and this episode was all fun and games, boasting about her good fortune and moving herself up in the line of sisters.  Although I must say  these are some of my favorite scenes in the book, not only does it show every character’s true colors but I love Mrs. Bennet thinking her husband will die in a fight.

Like Mr. Collins, Lady Catharine de Bourgh makes another cameo just so Elizabeth can have some fun stringing her along with her nephew’s intention of marrying a girl with no connections.  This worry becomes justified when he does reveal that his feeling have not changed and Elizabeth’s have as well.  I’ve always thought this was a knight in shinning armor moment as part of Elizabeth’s attraction to Darcy is not only due to the grounds of Pemberley but to the great lengths he went to in recovering Lydia despite his repulsion towards Mr. Wickham.  On the end note all ill deeds are forgotten and Proud Mr. Darcy and Prejudiced Miss Bennet unite as one.


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