Pride and Prejudice Read-Along Week Two

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Pride and Prejudice Read-Along

Okay, so I dropped the ball on the second week of my P&P read-along — but with good reason, my internet was down!  That has been happening a lot recently and it is so frustrating!  Plus,  I think the repairman knows what’s wrong but is too lazy to do it, which is even more irksome.  Anyway, back to P&P…

I felt part two was mostly about the importance of letters, Jane receives a nasty read-between-the-lines letter from Miss Bingley saying her brother was too good for Jane as he was meant for better (and richer) things, therefore it is implied that Miss Bennet should move on with her life.  I do have to say, that I am a bit like Caroline Bingley in this regard, except not nearly as bitchy, I think… Anyways, I’m very over-protective about my brother and scrutinize his girlfriend’s every move.  Although, she may be June Cleaver and still not be good enough, which is exactly what Jane is.

The second letter of importance was from Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth.  After a disastrous declaration of ardent love Mr. Darcy sets about revealing what an a-hole Mr. Wickham is and I have to say that I love Jennifer Ehle’s performance of this in the 1995 mini-series as she is so over-dramatic about the whole thing and also gives flashbacks so it is even clearer how she has been dubbed.  Even though, this is not as romantic as Captain Wentworth’s letter to Jane Elliot in Persuasion I love Darcy’s as it is filled with passion and very raw.

I will also touch briefly on Elizabeth’s stay with her friend Charlotte, the dumb blond who married Mr. Collins.  He is one of those characters that I despise but want brought back just for entertainment value.  Jane Austen does not disappoint and if it is possible makes him even more of a smarmy weasel then he was before.  (Quick Cousin, Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s carriage is coming!)  Ah, and know-it-all Lady Catherine de Bourgh herself, she is like the Wizard of Oz, all great and powerful but it is really just smoke and mirrors.

So those are my thoughts on part two,  We will meet again (I promise) on March 23.


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