Persuasion Movie Review (1995)

August 21, 2010 Whitney movie review 5 Comments

persuasion-movie-poster-1995-1020204601Director: Roger Michell
Writers: Jane Austen (novel), Nick Dear (screenplay)
Stars: Amanda Root, Ciarán Hinds, Susan Fleetwood
Release Date: April 16, 1995

Eight years earlier, Anne Elliot, the daughter of a financially troubled aristocratic family, was persuaded to break off her engagement to Frederick Wentworth, a young seaman, who, though promising, had poor family connections. When her father rents out the family estate to Admiral Croft, Anne is thrown into company with Frederick, because his sister is Mrs. Croft. Frederick is now a rich and successful Captain, and a highly eligible bachelor. Whom will he marry? One of Anne’s sister’s husband’s sisters? Or will he and Anne rekindle the old flame?

Anne Elliot is persuaded to break off her engagement to Fredrick Wentworth because it is felt that it was not a suitable match and far beneath her.  Several years have past and the Elliot’s financial situation leaves them with the decision to rent out their estate to Admiral Croft who is also acquainted with Captain Wentworth who has since become a wealthy man and suitable bachelor.  With a chance that he has not been persuaded to relieve himself of his affections towards Anne.

I have mixed feelings about this film. Of course I enjoyed the story but found the acting to be lackluster.  Anne Elliot is a huge push over thinking little about herself.  Amanda Root who plays Miss Elliot has the wide-eyed puppy dog face down pat and wanted to slap her every time it was made because it was so completely pathetic.  Because of this I had a hard time feeling for the character, although in the novel I don’t feel this way at all, so I will point the finger at the acting.  Unlike other Austen heroines I had a hard time liking this Anne disconnecting me from the movie.  These said characters can really make or break it and this adaptation just didn’t cut it for me.


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  1. It really wasn't a horrible adaptation, but I had difficulty getting past the irksome portrayal of Anne Elliot. Don't let that influence you though, I think you'd enjoy it Juju.

  2. Hey Whitney long time no see! It's good to read your blog again! I liked this adaptation on the pure grounds that it is Austen but I found the Anne in the movie so irritating. She had such a nervous, vapid look about her all the time! I am going to read and comment on all the posts that I missed out on 🙂 Hope you are doing fine 🙂

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