Review: On The Pulse of Morning

September 25, 2013 Whitney Review 0 Comments

Review: On The Pulse of MorningOn the Pulse of Morning
Author Maya Angelou
Publisher Random House
Publication Date November 9, 1993
Source: Gift

On the Pulse of Morning was read by Maya Angelou at President Clinton's 1993 inauguration.

I was excited to read this.  I hope my political views do not taint this review.

Prior to On the Pulse of Morning I had only read I know Why The Caged Bird Sings, which I enjoyed, but had never ventured into her poetry.  Maya Angelou’s poem was beautiful, a flow of thought-provoking inspirational words.  I am not an “inspirational” reader.  I usually find them sappy and Hallmark Channelesque.  Although, this was different perhaps it was due to my political views and read with rose-tinted glasses, but I don’t think so.  Maya Angelou’s way of twisting words into lyrics is incomparable.  It is short and sweet (like this review) but gets the point across without inhaling breath. Gorgeous.

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