November is for Epilepsy Awareness

November 2, 2014 Whitney Uncategorized 0 Comments

You may have noticed that the blog has gone purple.  Purple is the color for Epilepsy Awareness.  I myself have the disorder thus it is a very personal cause.  

While it does not have football players wearing purple, epilepsy is as common as breast cancer and kills just as many.  

65 million people’s lives are effected by the disorder, 150,000 are diagnosed each year, while 50,000 will die from it.  It is difficult to control with families being taxed with stress of the next fall, reactions and treatments via medicine, diet and surgery. Out of those 65 million only 30% will have controlled epilepsy.  

For those who are not effected by epilepsy, it can be a puzzle.  I lost friends who’s parents were not comfortable taking responsibility if something were to happen and made all my teachers in middle school uncomfortable, one in particular tried to remove me from her class.  Knowledge and first aid are key to not only recognizing but helping those in need.  Healthline wrote a very informative and interactive article on the effects of epilepsy on the body and the Epilepsy Foundation while a great resource for all areas has a excellent break-down for first aid

Unlike many others, mine ends on a positive note.  I was diagnosed at age 5 with severe epilepsy until 16 upon becoming a candidate for brain surgery.  My last seizure was at age 17. 

Although the eleven year gap was hard, moving through life like a zombie because of  medication cocktails, injury due to falls and many trips to the school nurse and ER.   Not to forget the lack of control one feels during a convulsion. I could have very easily fallen into the death toll. 

I am one of few who drew the largest straw.  It is depressing that others cannot have the same result  and will not call my situation a “blessing” as some have proclaimed it until more (if not all) epileptics have the same result. Epilepsy is a silent disorder which should be addressed louder.

* Thank you to Heathline for bringing attention to the disorder 

* Stats provided by the Epilepsy Foundation


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