My Trip To The Northwoods

July 10, 2014 Whitney Uncategorized 1 Comment

On Tuesday my family returned home after vacationing  in Upper Wisconsin.  It was a very interesting trip.  I mentioned earlier that we were bringing our cats up as well, and were a little weary about it.  

First, I should note that both Winkie and Zorro have their back claws.  Winkie pranced in with no problem, Zorro is a different story.  

Here’s our play by play:   Zorro was sniffing the cage.  Mom and I saw our window of opportunity. We began to push him in.  He got wind of what we were doing and pulled out his back claws.  After much struggle and a few catnip toys we locked him in.  Although this was only after he scratched my mom’s hands and in the words of Dodgeball’s White Goodman, “no one makes me bleed my own blood.” After we settled them in Sarah Mclachlan ’s “In the Arms of an Angel” could have been playing with the pathetic meowing in our back seat.  Fortunately after about 90 minutes they wore themselves out and fell asleep for most of the way there.  

All our worry was for nought as they loved it up there, new smells and perches to discover and animals to “hunt.”  With deer, bald eagles and a raccoon they were as happy as clams.  I wish I could say I’m not one of those crazy cat people but half this post is about my cats and my text messages are mainly pictures of my kitties. 

As for us humans…the weather was hit and miss, but on one of the nicer days we went to a neighboring semi-tourist town with some visiting friends.  It was a little too much shopping for me, but it was a wonderful day to walk around.  We also continued our never ending search for the best fish fry.  This Friday night special wasn’t the worst we have experienced but was more like eating fish-fingers from a Lunchable.   

We did go to the town library’s yearly book sale, where I picked up several Stephen King books among a few others.  All in all buying 15 books for 15 dollars.  

Overall it was just okay.  Mosquitoes love me and prohibited me from going out and I’d never thought I’d say this but, a girl can only read so much.  By the end of the trip we were ready to go home.

How was your your Fourth of July weekend?  I hope it was wonderful!


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  1. I love to read all your posts about your travels. I makes me a little jealous that I live out west. I would NEVER attempt to take my cats on a vacation anywhere. I feel like it would be a nightmare. Plus I would be afraid to lose them…. clearly I would panic. On the other hand they would probably be just fine.

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