My TBR List Reveal January 2017

January 14, 2017 Whitney To Be Read List 2 Comments

Michelle at Because Reading hosts a wonderful To-Read List Meme and I am excited to reveal the results after my first time joining in.

Poll Results

[poll id=”3″]

Ladies and Gentlemen we have a tie!


That’s right The Mapmaker’s Children and All The Light We Cannot See both received 8 votes each. Now what is a girl to do? toss a coin, play eeny, meeny, miny, moe? I have both on audio and will be participating in a Winter’s Respite Readathon next week so will attempt both, and will post a review on January 28th. Therefore the true winner is yet to be revealed even to me.




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  1. Wow! I am really surprised this one is a tie. I’m not familair with the The Mapmaker’s Children but I really want to check it out if people wanted you to read it as much as they did “All The Light” – I *loved” “All The Light” and I hope you do, too!

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