My Library Is Moving

September 4, 2011 Whitney Uncategorized 5 Comments

I have stated (or ranted) in other posts my town library is moving across town, away from its current location in the center of the downtown.  There is no backing out now, a grand opening date is set — October 12th.  Despite their lack of funds, they are moving ahead.  I got on their website last week to request a book, and they are now asking the community once again for donations, to furnish and landscape the new library (see the 3 million they needed to build did not  include furnishes).  Donations go anywhere from 50 dollars to “donate a shelf” to 250 for a tree.   Doesn’t  that tell the board that they never had sufficient funds to start in the first places?  (they’ve had to downgrade their plans several times).  I think the thing that bums me out the most is that I can no longer walk there and I can’t drive.  Fortunately, my mom has volunteered to take me there whenever I feel the need.  Really, the only positive thing I see coming out of this (at least for me) is that throughout the month of September all or most materials will not be due until opening day with no late fees.


5 responses to “My Library Is Moving

  1. Oh, how disappointing! :/ I live for my library — when it got renovated and was reducing circulation, I whined — but the location stayed the same, it just got bigger. I don't know what I'd do if it moved! I'm so sorry!

  2. Audra- I'd whine too if they reduced circulation, less books to choose/loan from.

    Christy– That's a good idea but I'm a little bitter at the moment and let will them suffer.

    Crowe– The board has been wanting to do this for 10+ years. They are just stuck in their ways and blind sighted. Small town politics!

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