My Last Trip To The Library

August 6, 2014 Whitney books 1 Comment

I did it, my last trip to my local library before I moved.  I bypassed the new shelf, paid my fine and walked out the door.  No tears or long good-bye, as I defiantly will not miss the 40 minute walk to get there.  In other words, it is time to move on.

My library card though doesn’t expire until 2015 so rather than throw it away and feel the finality I’m going to keep it until that date as they participate in Overdrive, the ebook lending system.  This way I have double the selection as the library near my now current residence offers the service as well.  I’m also trying to learn how to download audiobooks onto my ipad, as Kindle Paperwhite does not have speakers and my ipod is old and not compatible with their system.  We’ve been taking a lot of road trips since my dad retired and it would be nice to pass the time with a book because let’s face it, I can only listen to Frampton Comes Alive so many times.

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